Translation Services

German - English

We have been providing German - English and English - German translation services for over ten years now. This is what our customers have to say:

“Great work delivered promptly.” O.P., Vienna, Austria

“UFI handled my German-to-English translation job and translated a complete book for me. It was a pleasure working and communicating with UFI. She always kept me up to date, reached all the milestones ahead of time (even though they were spaced very ambitiously and tightly), and the translation quality was SUPERB. In fact, before I hired her, I compared sample translations of about 10 applicants. UFI's translation far outshined all the other ones -- including those of professional translators and translators with far higher bids. If you're looking for a German-to-English translation that is free of fluff and sounds natural, I highly recommend you hire UFI...”
Leonard, Germany


We also offer translation services as part of transcriptions, in particular, medical transcriptions. English-English transcriptions are available as well. Here is what our customers have to say:

“She is a punctual, responsive, extremely able and efficient transcriber who produces quality work.”
Robyn H., ProTranscript